Playthings: The Drag-A-Zine Issue #1

The inaugural issue of explores topics such as drag’s political nature, the relationship between the performer and their drag persona, drag hauses, the search for drag history, and much, much more! This collaborative labor of love offers a peek behind the sequined curtain, showcasing some of Boston’s most creative, colorful, and quirky drag artists. This issue features never-before-seen photography, illustrations, graphic design, essays, interviews, and insights celebrating the art of drag ! Shipping is included.


“Playthings: The Drag-A-Zine” strives to make our publication as accessible and inclusive as we believe drag is. We think it would be such a shame if the only thing preventing you from experiencing our work is the price tag! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if the price listed is barring you from enjoying the zine.

The future of our zine depends on the support and interest of our reading community. This publication is a complete labor of love. The amazing work and immense amount of time that goes into making our zine is volunteered with the firm belief that the art of drag should be celebrated. Please pay the price listed above if you are able and, if the spirit moves you, throw in a tip for future issues!

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